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Manchester United Manchester City encirclement Bayern talented defender Red Devils will take no doubt 2017-03-31

In the case of signings at the same time, Mourinho will certainly wash part of the players, Luke - Xiao is one of them. Manchester United battle Bournemouth a war, Ibrahimovic, Minsi between the fight to let the two men have been suspended after the FA. The start of the Luke - Xiao after the game with the Bournemouth players talked to angered Mourinho, after Luke - Shaw did not get the opportunity to appear. Defeated Luke - Xiao has repeatedly been Mourinho criticism, and was blocked is determined to leave his team's determination. "Mirror" revealed that Manchester City may be 50 millionMadden Coins  pounds to check into the Spurs side guard Ross, and Tottenham is expected to check into Luke - Shaw as a substitute for Ross.
"Kicker" revealed that Manchester United, Manchester City are concerned about Kimi, and Mourinho want to grab in Manchester City before the check-in Kimi, in order to combat Guardiola's plan to build, but with Kimi's Good relationship has become the advantage of Guardiola. "Sun newspaper" reporter Martin - Blackburn revealed that Kimi is the most hope to check in the Guardiola summer window players, but Bayern is clear that the strength and potential of Kimi, so Manchester City, Manchester United want to check in the summer window Kimi will be very difficult.
In Ancelotti after coaching, Kimi this season in the Bundesliga, the Champions League played 24 times, but only 15 starting episodes, scored 7 goals and 1 assists. Kimimi is not satisfied with his playing time this season, Bayern President Rummenigge said in an interview with Sky Sports, "he is part of our future plan, very sure that he will be Ram The successor, starting from next season, will get more and more playing time.
Since joining Bayern in Leipzig since 2015, Kimi has played 67 times, but the 22-year-old German defender has been linked to the Premiership club in recent months, and two Spanish clubs want to check in Kimi. Capable of being able to do a number of positions in the central defender Chimi 's outbreak benefited from Guardiola' s coaching, and Guardiola in 2016 also said, "Kimi has a great passion, I like this young man.
Mourinho is not satisfied with the current lineup of Manchester United, has publicly stated that he has a clear signings, according to "kicker", "Mirror", "Sun" and other media reports, Manchester United intention in the summer window Check in Bayern Munich defender Kimi, and former Bayern coach Guardiola also want to check in his former disciples.

Arsenal demon front: Wenger will be left to him as a substitute 2017-03-30

"The fans are always eager to win the championship, and in this regard, Arsenal are not good enough, but don't forget that the Gunners are still in the FA Cup final this season. Wenger will surely stay. Of course, if the professor continues to coach Arsenal, then he has to make changes in many ways, both for the club and for himself, this change is very important. Next, let's see what happens."Pires said: "in my opinion, Wenger will certainly renew the contract with Arsenal, at least he will continue to coach the Gunners for a season. At present, Wenger still has a strong driving force, he is very keen to lead Arsenal harvest success. In fact, as long as Wenger is willing to, he can always renew the contract with HUT 17 Coins Arsenal, because the club to provide him with the contract has long been placed on the professor's desk. I am confident that Wenger will renew his contract with Arsenal because he has a strong support from the club's shareholders."2003/04 season, Arsenal unbeaten in the Premier League, French midfielder Pires is one of the core players in the undefeated division. Currently, Pires's identity is a coach in the Arsenal training base. In Spain Searl radio interview with reporters, said Pires firmly, Wenger I will desire to continue coaching at Arsenal, but the professor must change their way of working and some inherent ideas.Peres said: "for the Champions League next season, I and my teammates are more optimistic, in the next Premier League, we will be in the top four strong impact. Don't forget, Arsenal play 1 or 2 games less than the rest of the team, and we will do our best to play the rest of the league. In the FA Cup semi-final, we will compete for the final with Manchester City, Arsenal will fully impact the championship trophy."Currently, Arsenal temporarily ranked in the sixth place in the Barclays Premier League, in the case of two games, the Gunners than the other fourth Liverpool less than 6 points. Now, in order to obtain the next season's Champions League, Arsenal must pay the extremely hard and bitter effort. Although the team's ranking is not ideal, but Peres still believe that, after the end of the season, Arsenal will be able to obtain a relatively good results, and will certainly be able to finish in the top four, in addition, the Gunners will also in the FA Cup to top."For me, joining arsenal is certainly a godsend for progress and improvement, and I have improved the quality of being a man as well as being a man. To be sure, Arsenal is one of the best clubs in the world today, and I am sure I will be very pleased with the gunners. Shortly after joining Arsenal, I was injured and it was a very bad experience. But now I have been able to prove to the world that it was very reasonable for Arsenal to sign me, and I will hold on to every chance I get."Peres said: "the level of the Premier League, such as Arsenal, there will be a lot of high-level players, especially in the forward line, even more so. Every game the coach can only pick 11 players to start, so the only thing I can do is to seize every opportunity as much as possible. This season, as long as can go into battle, I can always play better, this makes me feel confident. Next I must be patient and give full play in training and competition."So far this season, Peres has only been under the command of the 9 chance to get started, but even so, the Spanish striker still scored the goal of the team, in addition, he also had a team mate score of 5 times in the past times in the past, but also the first time in the past, he has scored a goal of the first time, the team has scored a total of 9 goals. Although Peres scored a lot of goals, but on the Arsenal striker, his position is still ranked in the ranks of Sanchez, Walcott, Gigi and Welbeck. Of course, the current situation does not let the Spanish striker discouraged, he made it clear that he will go all out for the opportunity to play.

Arsenal demon front: Wenger will be left to him as a substitute 2017-03-30

Peres said: "I admit that I am not an important starting point at Arsenal, but even so, I still have a very good relationship with coach Wenger. There is no doubt that Wenger is a flag character, and in my opinion, he will continue to teach at arsenal. A lot of people have a lot of respect for Wenger and he has a very good relationship with every player in the team. Don't forget, Wenger has been at A Senna for more than 20 years, and I really hope he can stay at Emirates stadium Cheap NHL 17 Coins. Of course, it all depends on Wenger's own decision, and today, he is still not with all the players of the club, the club's official exchanges and communication."But in an interview with radio Marca, Peres has made it clear that he is very happy at Arsenal, he also stand expressed their support for the coach Wenger. Although the work contract signed by the professor with Arsenal expires this summer, Peres hopes the professor will renew his contract with the gunners.Last summer, Peres from the Spanish team La Coruna to join Arsenal, so far this season, the Spanish striker has failed to become Wenger's regular players. Not long ago, Peres's agent has hinted that, after the end of the season, his client will probably leave the Emirates, and find another job.Spain striker Lucas - Peres said, after the end of the season, will continue to serve as the Premier League club Arsenal coach of the Premiership in the end of the year, said, after the end of the season, Wenger. Peres made it clear that although his appearance in the Gunners is relatively small, but he is still with coach Wenger established a very harmonious relationship".

Inter lock the summer window of the first aid two years contract signed Argentina Tie Wei 2017-03-29

"National newspaper" revealed that Inter Milan for the 32-year-old Gonzalo out of a 2 +1 contract, according to the performance of the previous two years to decide whether to renew. In the end, Gonzalo Buy NBA Live Coins decided to sign with Inter Milan. Gonzalo has been the main defender of Florence, this season has been played 29 times, in addition, Gonzalo also has Spanish nationality, with the EU passport, it will not occupy Inter Milan foreign aid places. There is no doubt that check-in Gonzalo will be Inter Milan in the summer window crazy signings began.
Gonzalo's contract with Florence will expire after the end of the season, purple lily hope and Argentina Zhongwei renewal, but out of the conditions can not let Gonzalo satisfied. In an interview in early March, Gonzalo's agent, Otega, revealed that "Gonzalo has not yet made a decision, but this is not a question of money. He wants to get a longer contract, not Only about a year. Inter Milan or AC Milan? Yes, we are negotiating with them. Gonzalo do not want to return to Argentina, therefore, Milan City is the right choice.
Italian media has long been revealed that Suning will invest 150 million euros in the summer window signings to enhance the strength of the Blue and White Corps, cited candidates include Dever, Marcinios, Manoras, Kulibali, fee Li Pei, Alaba, Dalmian, Sanchez, Gleeszmann, Bellardi, Bernardesky, and Gonzalo is also on the list.
According to the "National Daily" reported that Inter Milan has been with the Florentine defender Gonzalo - Rodriguez signed a two-year contract, and the Argentine Zhongwei will become the Blue Black Army summer window of the first new aid.

Nei Maer refused Manchester United call: my dream is to play for Barcelona 2017-03-29

At the end of the interview, Nemal spoke of Luis Enrique, who said, "From the time he taught, I got everything, of course, from other coaches to continue to learn is good, but in this season, he really Helped us a lot, let us continue  Cheap NBA Live Coins to grow, and continue to win the championship title.
Messi and Nei Maer are good buddies, is also a comrade, when talking about the Argentine star renewal, Nei Maer commented, "Messi will renew, because Messi is Barcelona, ​​Barcelona is Messi.
Nemal and Barcelona renewed to 2021, but there are still a lot of giants coveted him, including Manchester United, "Daily Sport newspaper" disclosed in this week, in order to draw less, Mourinho is willing to invest 200 million euros, while out 25 million euros after-tax annual salary, but less for joining Manchester United no interest, he said, "My dream is to play for Barcelona, ​​when I was a child, this is what I look forward to, playing in Barcelona , The most important thing is to achieve the dream, play in Barcelona, ​​is also the best thing.
Nemal also pointed out that if Barcelona remains focused, it is likely to once again usher in a Triple Crown season, "If we remain focused and happy, we can once again win the honor of the Triple Crown."
Nemal first talked about Barcelona at home 6-1 swept the game in Paris, the game the last moment, Nemal took over the game, scored a penalty and free kick, but also assists Roberto completed the lore. When it comes to the fantastic performance of the game, Nemal said, "This is a unique thing, I think that a game in life is impossible, so will be full of happiness, in that few Within minutes, making such a crazy, it is impressive. "
In order to attract Nei Maer, Manchester United is willing to open 200 million euros in transfer fees and 25 million euros in annual salary, but the Brazilian star is willing to stay Nou Camp stadium. "World Sports Daily" news, in an interview, the less pointed out that his dream is to play for Barcelona, ​​while less that Messi will be renewed with Barcelona, ​​because it is his own club.

Western media exposure Kashi this summer to leave Porto or join the French giants 2017-03-27

For the summer of 35-year-old Casey, to get a two-year contract should be a good choice, but the current transaction there are some difficulties and obstacles. Marseille is currently ranked fifth in the French league, it is difficult to qualify for the Champions League next season, which is likely to affect the choice of Casey.
Casey Although the age is high, but the state is impressive MyNBA2K17 RP, he also attracted the attention of many European teams, and the French team Marseille is very much appreciated him. According to the Portuguese media "A Bola" news, the current Marseille sports director Su Bisi Leita has recently been in contact with the Casi side, he said Marseille is willing to provide a two-year new contract.
Casey in the summer of 2015 announced the departure of Real Madrid to join Porto, he and the Portuguese super giants signed a 2 +1 contract, after the end of the season, Casi has renewed the rights of Porto a year. But the Spanish goalkeeper did not want to start this clause, but hope that after the end of the season to free body to leave the team.
According to the Spanish media "Aspen" news, the former Real Madrid goalkeeper now Porto effect of Casey may leave Portugal after the end of the season to the French Marseille team, Marseille sports director Su Bisi Leita is very appreciate the casino, and willing Signed a two-year contract with Casi.

Arsenal summer want to make big shuffle 2 thighs will be renewed about 4 people fear to be abandoned 2017-03-27

Sano and Joel - Campbell's situation is also very embarrassing, Sanuo Ge long injury, this season only on behalf of the reserve played 2 games into a ball, his contract expires on June 30, 2017, presumably Wenger has lost patience with the French center, this summer after the expiration of his contract to leave his body seemingly logical. Joel - Campbell had Wenger high hopes, but he was long in the state of being rented, Costa Rica striker and Arsenal signed the summerNBA Live Mobile Coins  of 2018, this season rented to Lisbon played 25 times only 3 goals, he still did not Substantial progress, this summer Arsenal fear to resell it.
About Mertesacker and Szeschney, Arsenal are likely not to renew their contract. Before the "Rome Sports Daily" reported that Rome plans to buy Szeschnini, Red Wolf is willing to 15 million pounds. After the end of the season, Arsenal will also introduce Leicester City goalkeeper Little Schmeicher, Szesney to stay in Rome is a win-win choice. And Mertesacker in the 2018 contract expires after the age of 34, even if the summer sellers can not sell a big price, Arsenal is likely to leave him to the contract expires, the summer of 2018 Mertesacker free body to leave the team.
In addition, Chamberlain, Ramsay, Jenkins, Gibbs and Wilshire such as "account of this" players, but also focus on the object of Arsenal renewal. Coupled with the temperament of the Spanish all-around midfielder Cassola, Wenger had said: "We have six or seven renewal negotiations are being processed, we are so every year, this is normal.We have talked with Chamberlain, And there is no doubt that if Wenger himself renewed for two years, Arsenal will be as much as possible to keep the account of the players, and professors special players.
Arsenal will certainly be with Ozil and Sanchez two offensive core contract, after the British media has been exposed, the gunmen have started negotiations with the two thighs, but because of the salary gap, the contract negotiations deadlocked. "The two are waiting for Wenger's decision": "The ideal situation is definitely that everyone is going to stay on the team, and our two core Ozil and Sanchez contract expires in the summer, they are Waiting for Wenger to make the final choice. "If Wenger continue to stay in Arsenal coaching, the two thigh brother left almost no suspense.
In the summer of 2018 before the expiration of the contract Arsenal players are: Ramsay, Sanchez, Ozil, Wilshire, Chamberlain, Szesney, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Cazorla, Zhan Kensen, Sano, Joel - Campbell. Premiership clubs in the player contract will usually start two years to start the contract negotiations, so that the player can avoid the maximum free transfer, even if the players leave the team, the club can earn more transfer costs. Veteran is another one said, Arsenal renewal veteran is basically a year signed
Arsenal thighs Sanchez and Ozil's renewal issue has been placed under the microscope, in fact Arsenal internal tangled - in addition to Sanchez and Ozil, there are 10 other players in the contract in June 2018 maturity. For Arsenal, they are going to stay, is more urgent than Wenger to stay to solve the problem.

odd! Extreme fans smoke smoked run Italian game was forced to suspend 2017-03-25

During the suspension of the game, Albanian players went to the fans of their fans to appease the mood, and urge them not to do this behavior. Because the strong smoke not only affect the line of sight, the health of the players are also very harmful. From Buffon and other players face expression, this smoke choking nose and also dazzling Albion Online Gold, in such a state really can not match the game.
It turned out that this is not the Italian fans, but the visiting team Albanian fans. Is that they put a lot of fireworks in the stands, resulting in smoke full of cloth. Although in the Serie A game can often see the smoke in the court, but this is not common to blow the game.
In the game has been able to hear the explosion came the fireworks on the stands, De Rossi penalty kick when there are fireworks were thrown into the field. Originally thought that the Italian fans in order to help the team and the release, after all, fireworks is a scene in the Serie A. But the second half of the game to 60 minutes or so, the field suddenly smoke everywhere, broadcast on the screen are vague. Field players vision and game status has also been a great impact, when the referee immediately blow off the game, the Italian players have to end to the players channel to escape, until the smoke dispersed game to recover. The period is suspended for about 8 minutes.
In Italy and Albania's World Cup qualifier, the game was suspended by the referee, 8 minutes before returning to normal. The reason is that the visiting team Albanian fans made some riots, the game can only be interrupted.

Italian coach: we are creating a strong future Vitati can be stronger 2017-03-25

"When everyone is very relaxed, clear their position, we will play very smooth.Vilati in 90 minutes can do better, but we have done well.When they realize that they can What will win, in front of them will be a new world.
Ventura out of the 4-2-4 formation, it seems that he has initiall Albion Silvery on the Conti left the tactics of the transformation: "We are a new team, tonight we have a step further. Our performance is not Ordinary, we are making a very gorgeous lineup for this team, and there will certainly be a chance for players who are not playing today. These new players are gaining experience and we have every reason to believe that the future of Italy will be very strong.
The game of Italy completely suppressed the opponent, almost did not give Albania any good opportunity to break, and by De Rossi and because of Mobibi scored two goals. Ventura is very satisfied with the state of the players: "At first we are a bit urgent, formation is not very reasonable to maintain.But in addition to the opening 30 seconds of a chance, Albania did not have any threat to Buffon, and later our defense almost No pressure, and has been oppressed before they are in the restricted area.
Italy easily won a victory, they are tied with the same group of Spain in the first, the competition is very intense. But in the coach Ventura view, Italy is the future of attention.

Messi was questioned intentionally shuffle warfare for a strong enemy 2017-03-24

"Daily Sports Daily" reported that because in Barcelona and Valencia game, Messi eat a cumulative fifth yellow card, so he can not appear in Barcelona next to the game with Granada. However, the Skirmish Technical Committee has forgotten the fifth yellow card of Messi. According to authoritative department news, Messi's yellow card was missing reasons, is the athlete yellow card transcription work when there is a mistake. However, the current La Liga official has corrected LOLGA.INC the work of the error, Barcelona also clearly admitted that missed the Macy's yellow card is only the relevant unit of the work error.
In the 28th round of La Liga Barcelona and Valencia game, Messi before the whistle because of delays in the game time and yellow. Eat the fifth yellow card of Messi, will miss next week, Barcelona away with Granada game. And eat this yellow card, Messi was also outside as "suspected of shuffle." Because after eating this yellow card, Messi to be in the international competition day after the rest. Because on April 6, Barcelona will also be in the league against the powerful Sevilla.
According to the Spanish "Daily Sport newspaper" reported that a few days ago, the Spanish Technical Committee to forget to include Messi in the last round of the league to eat the yellow card, almost let Messi "escape" to eat the fifth yellow card and get suspended punishment. However, the referee then subsequently changed the record, eating five yellow cards of Messi, will not participate in Barcelona on April 2 with the league in Granada.

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